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Address: 18 Hillside Court, Berkeley, CA 94704

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At hip and zen, our purpose is to bring an eclectic blend of lifestyle products to forward-thinking people of a unique sensibility—those with a modern soul. We present items that inspire calm and unity with just the right edge of sophistication and style. Nurturing body and soul through an aesthetic identified by clean lines and a respect for the earth is our passion. We celebrate the beauty of simplicity. This is echoed in our careful selection of recycled, organic, hand-made, fairly traded, and natural products. Our unique offering is not limited by genre nor function, but rather an uncommon devotion to design, beauty, and spirit.

About the Founder

Karen Clothier brings a passion for beauty and nature to her vision for Hip & Zen. In her native South Africa, she grew up with a keen appreciation of the earth’s elements, untamed wilderness, and cultural richness of the region. This, blended with a European sensibility inherited from her Swiss father, helped to develop a unique sense of style and instinctive eye for the visual and sensory arts.

In America, Karen became a successful software entrepreneur, founding her own company and becoming a community leader in this arena. Although successful in her endeavors, she always felt torn between the practical world of numbers and her love of design and the natural world.

So, in true entrepreneurial fashion, Karen made a commitment—to her own true nature. On this path, Karen became a self-taught student of modern architecture and design, finding that she was drawn to more natural and organic textures and colors—similar to those she had been surrounded by as a child. She knew that submersing her body in beautiful, natural products soothed her soul and promoted a sense of well-being, but she soon discovered that by looking at such elements incorporated into design had a similar affect.

Karen realized that this was what she wanted to do with her life—share this revelatory understanding with others through the unlimited reach of the Internet. hip & zen was born. She began to seek out products that echoed her sensibilities—designs that are progressive, creative, unique and nurturing—an eclectic mix not commonly found in America.

Karen believes it is her mission to bring this exciting aesthetic to her community (customers), so that they can discover the alternatives to more mediocre, mass-produced products—and start demanding more sophisticated and thoughtful designs in all areas.

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